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French Doors

A classic, elegant addition to any home, French doors allow you to open up your home to sunshine and fresh air, whilst also gaining easy access to your garden or patio. MG Window Systems use award winning products from VEKA – the UK’s most trusted window specialists with quality, security and energy efficiency guaranteed.

Our doors form a formidable barrier against potential intruders thanks to state-of-the-art security technology, whilst retaining a feeling of style and sophistication to your home. Whether you want to open up your space to you outside world, or want to create a versatile, sociable space for everyone to enjoy, French doors are the perfect addition to your home.

Why Choose Our French Doors?

  • Exceptional Quality Guaranteed: Get complete peace of mind with our high quality, durable and fully dependable French doors from UK market leading specialist VEKA.
  • Customisation Your Way: Explore a full range of woodgrain foils and colours and create a home that is unapologetically and unmistakingly yours.
  • Innovative Energy Efficiency: Enjoy a minimum of ‘A’ ratings on all glazing and invest in technically-advanced designs to boost your home’s efficiency and reduce your bills.
  • Dependable and Robust Security: Create a home that is safe and rest easy at night thanks to exceptional safety guarantees on all of our exterior French doors.


French doors

Choose the Right French Door Design for Your Home

Selecting the right doors for your home is all part of creating a home that works exactly in the way that you want it to. You shouldn’t have to change how you live just because of your home, and with our huge selection of versatile French doors, you won’t have to.

There are many choices with French door designs, with the options of inward opening or outward opening versions, these options can in turn be designed and installed as single or double doors alongside sidelight or fanlight combinations. For extra choice, VEKA also manufactures the Halo, Halo Rustique, Matrix and M70 range to ensure you find the perfect doors for your home.

French Doors Promise Practicality and Efficiency

French Doors are a beautiful way to let the best of the outside in, providing boundary-free, seamless views and injecting your home with stunning natural light. Not only this, but they offer a fully practical door solution that can be used anywhere in your home – even as interior doors.

French patio doors can help to greatly improve your home’s thermal performance, making them functional for any type of building. With the latest ‘A’ energy-efficient glazing, technically-advanced weather seals and carefully designed multi-chambered frames, you can minimise heat loss and significantly reduce your heating bills – saving you money!

Woodgrain Foils and Unique Colours

Our range of UPVC French doors are available in an ever growing range of woodgrain and coloured foils to ensure that they not only enhance but also complement your home. Your doors should be an expression of your personality and they should show off your individual style to guests and neighbours.

A Colour could be what best suits your home – forget the thankless task of continual sanding and painting – our hard wearing foiled window systems are available in striking Black and Grey, soft Ivory or the distinguished Chartwell Green to name a few.

Transform your home today and allow MG Windows to supply the perfect French doors for your property, with style, durability and practicality guaranteed. Your vision is our mission.

French doors on an extension

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