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Tilt and Turn Windows

Technology and design come together seamlessly in our extensive range of tilt and turn windows. Our tilt and turn windows offer extreme versatility, alongside captivating styles and colours that will help to make your windows uniquely yours. Whether it’s the VEKA sleek M70 (bevelled profile) or the curved 70F/S (fully sculptured system), you can be sure to enjoy a window that brings elegance and comfort into your home.

VEKA are one of the industry leading businesses that manufacture the very best in UPVC tilt and turn windows, with an impressive 50+ years of experience to their name. VEKA systems is one of the most widely trusted window manufacturers as they guarantee outstanding quality, improved security and increased energy efficiency.

Why Choose Our Tilt and Turn Windows?

  • Exceptional Quality: Experience unmatched build quality and durability available in either the bevelled profile or as a fully sculptured system.
  • Practical Maintenance: Enjoy safe, easy cleaning and maintenance from inside your home due to uniquely engineered, fully openable design.
  • Elegant Design: No external outward opening parts gives a sleek, modern look to any home that is sure to be the envy of all your guests.
  • Endless Customisation: Enjoy a whole host of beautiful woodgrains and colours and inject your home with your own individual personality.

Tilt and turn window

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Use Your Windows Your Way

Here at MG Windows we understand that every household is different. That’s why our tilt and turn windows are designed to be used in a number of different ways to suit the way you live. With a simple turn of the handle your tilt and turn window can be tilted inwards, allowing fresh air in whilst still offering the same great protection against the elements.

The second turn opens the window fully inwards for maximum fresh air and that feeling of space, letting the outside in. This range of settings on your tilt and turn UPVC windows enables maximum control of the temperature and fresh air levels of your home. Use your windows how you want and make a home that is tailored to your needs.

Safe, Easy to Clean Windows

Cleaning your windows is a big part of maintaining their beautiful, stylish appearance for many years to come. Luckily, cleaning your windows has never been easier or safer than with tilt and turn windows. Innovative technology and forward thinking design allows for easy cleaning of the outside of your windows from indoors. This is thanks to a unique, fully openable design that enables quick, simple access to both sides.

Tilt and turn windows are ideal for windows on higher floors or where access from outside is difficult or unsafe. With tilt and turn windows, there is no need for ladders or specialist high level window cleaning equipment. Cut out the hard work, reduce your cleaning time and maximise the safety of your everyday cleaning tasks.

Woodgrain Foils and Unique Colours

Every home is different and your windows should be a representation of your own individual personality. They should exude your personal style to create a home that is uniquely yours, and no one else’s.

VEKA UPVC tilt and turn windows are classically simple in appearance and operation, having no external outward opening parts to give clean lines to your home’s exterior. We stock an ever growing range of woodgrain and coloured foils to ensure that you have full customisation of your windows. This ensures that any windows you buy will fit seamlessly into your interior and exterior design.

Invest in windows solutions today with MG Windows and join hundreds of households that have injected style, practicality and stunning design into their home.

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