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Aluminium Windows

Looking to breathe new life into your home and make a modern, elegant space that you can be proud of? Aluminium windows are the perfect solution. MG Windows offer full versatility with our aluminium double glazed windows from Aluk – one of the UK’s leading aluminium window manufacturers with over 25 years of experience in the industry.

These windows blend solid, durable manufacturing with cutting edge design with their slim slight lines and elegance, alongside strong and robust technology underneath. Side or top hung aluminium windows are available and can be combined together with fixed frames to offer a huge variety of designs.

Why Choose Our Aluminium Windows?

  • Practical Technology: Choose from impressively designed side or top hung aluminium windows from market leading Aluk.
  • Endless Customisation: Select the perfect aluminium windows for you with an extensive range of colours where any RAL number can be picked.
  • Impressive Energy Efficiency: All windows promise the best in ‘A’ energy rated energy efficiency thanks to a thermal break built into the product.
  • Highest Level of Security: Multipoint locking mechanisms, internal locking handles and no external hinges alongside means your home is always protected.

Black georgian lead windows

Lead Windows

The Highest Level of Home Security

Here at MG Windows we understand the importance of security in your home and will not compromise on it. The integral hinge mechanisms between the opening sash and frame means that there are no external hinges that could be attacked on the outside.

By utilising a multipoint locking mechanism, internal key locking handles and internal beads, our aluminium systems offer the highest level of security as standard. Our aluminium window frames also offer the highest level of protection thanks to their strong, durable build. All of this will help to keep your home, family and contents safe and secure for many years to come.

Simple, Straightforward Cleaning

Maintaining your windows is a big part of keeping them looking great for longer. To help you achieve the best possible clean, our aluminium windows make cleaning as simple and straightforward as possible through clever, innovative design.

Side hung aluminium windows are very easy to clean and can be fitted with egress/easy clean hinges. This allows the window sash to be released and slid away from the outer pane using the alternative hinge mechanisms. With the window opening at its maximum, you have the added ability to reach outside safely to clean the glazing and windows, without having to squeeze your arm or hands through any tight spaces.

A Contemporary Look with Tilt and Turn Aluminium Windows

Your home is your sanctuary and you want it to look its best at all times. Through contemporary and clever technology, you can give your home a sleek, elegant look that is sure to take your home firmly into the modern age. What’s more is that we offer a wide range of colours and any RAL number can be picked for endless customisation. Your home designed specifically for you.

Opening Tilt and Turn windows are becoming increasingly popular in the UK. They are regularly specified in modern architectural designs where the maximising of glass area with minimal framework is sought. This type of window has the power to transform the appearance of a building and provides a sleek, contemporary look for any home.

Georgian lead window

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