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Vertical Sliding Sash Windows

At MG Windows, we are proud to offer Northampton’s widest range of high-quality UPVC sliding sash windows. Our windows are made using the market-leading VEKA profile, ensuring that they are outstanding in terms of quality, security, and energy efficiency.

With MG Windows you have absolute peace of mind knowing you have the best quality windows on the market. Our sliding sash windows are the perfect way of bringing elegant, classic design into any home, whilst retaining the innovative technology to ensure simple practicality.

Why Choose Our Sliding Sash Windows?

  • Individual Style: With a huge range of colour and realistic woodgrain options available, you’re sure to find a sash a window that fits into your individual style.
  • Practical Maintenance Guaranteed: Inward tilt capabilities for easy cleaning and maintenance Simplistic design with no problematic weights or cords
  • Classic Design: Enjoy classic, timeless design that will bring the distinct feeling of elegance to any home.
  • Tough and Durable: All of our vertical sliding sash windows promise the highest level of durability and toughness, with an impressive 10 year insurance backed guarantee.

Sliding sash window

Vertical sliding sash window

Sliding Sash Windows Offer Simple, Low Maintenance Design

Our stunning sliding sash windows offer the very best in low maintenance solutions thanks to their simple and uncomplicated designs. Unlike traditional wooden sash windows, our UPVC systems are fitted without problematic weights and cords. This makes usage easier as it prevents common drawbacks such as swelling, squeaking, jamming or continual repainting. Experience stunning sliding sash windows without any hassle – simply install and enjoy them without time consuming and costly maintenance.

Modern Technology, Classic Design

Are you looking for a window solution that breathes classical elegance into your home, but with the added bonus of innovative, modern-day technology? Our sliding sash windows are the perfect option as they promise to bring charm and character to your home with all the practicalities of a modern window.

Not only do our replacement vertical sliding sash windows look exactly like their traditional timber predecessors, they are of course significantly more energy-efficient and simple to maintain. Our advanced double glazed sash windows have the added benefit of being able to tilt inwards for easy cleaning and offer heritage and technology in perfect partnership.

Woodgrain Foils and Unique Colours

Your home is just that; yours. It should showcase your unique personality and style, and with our extensive range of sash windows that’s now easier than ever. Our range of windows and doors are available in an ever growing range of woodgrain and coloured foils to ensure that they not only enhance, but also complement your home. Showcase your individuality and find your perfect finish with MG Windows.

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