Published on 28 May 2024

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Buying a conservatory requires careful planning and wise decision making, but doing your research upfront will pay off in an absolutely gorgeous new room.

Adding a conservatory to your home is an excellent way to create more living space and let in an abundance of natural light. Adding a conservatory is an investment, but one that provides wonderful returns in added living space, natural light, and home value. In fact, quality conservatories can return over 108% of their cost in added home value, according to research. Over three-quarters of homeowners considered their conservatory an essential or important room, not just an optional extra space. With so many styles, configurations, and material options, conservatories add beautiful, functional square footage to your property in a way that suits your lifestyle and budget.

If you are considering buying a conservatory, follow these essential tips to make a smart investment.

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6 effective tips for buying a conservatory 

Tip 1: Understand the Regulations

The question that whether or not one requires permission to build or buy a conservatory in the UK is a much asked one, although there are little to no strict regulations about it, there are a range of rules that require to be followed.  However, the government of the United Kingdom has posed some regulations  that need to be followed based on the conservatory’s size, location on the property, materials used, and more. The UK regulation states that conservatories must not extend too far from the rear wall, cover over 50% of the surrounding area, or exceed 4 metres in height. Before proceeding, check with your local authority to ensure your planned conservatory meets all requirements.

Tip 2: Choose the Right Style

 Conservatories come in a variety of styles, from traditional designs like Edwardian or Victorian to sleek, modern sunrooms. Consider how you envision using the space and how the style will complement your home’s architecture. For ample sunlight and views, a glass roof orangery could be perfect. If you want a cosy, charming aesthetic, perhaps a traditional sunroom style would suit your property best.

Tip 3: Select Quality Materials

 The materials you select for your conservatory will impact everything from energy efficiency to the overall look and required maintenance levels. Popular frame material options include uPVC, hardwood, and aluminium. For the glazing, advanced glass systems are designed to help regulate interior temperatures. Consider factors like thermal performance, appearance, and your home’s existing materials.

Tip 4: Don’t Skimp on Doors

 Your conservatory doors are a critical element, affecting accessibility, natural light, ventilation, and the transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. Bi-folding doors that open up nearly the entire front are an increasingly popular option, creating a seamless indoor/outdoor living experience. French doors are another classic choice that allows abundant light in. For enhanced accessibility, sliding doors are a great option as they don’t require swing space for opening.

Tip 5: Prioritise Energy Efficiency

 To avoid your new conservatory feeling too cold in winter or overheated in summer, focus on proper insulation, climate control, and ventilation. Glazed roofs, solar-efficient glass, and even underfloor heating can help moderate temperatures year-round. Choosing an energy-efficient design from the start will make your conservatory a comfortable, usable space no matter the season.

Tip 6: Hire Experienced Professionals 

Don’t cut corners when hiring contractors to buy and build your conservatory. Work with experienced, reputable installers who offer insurance-backed guarantees to ensure your project meets all building regulations and quality standards. Thoroughly vet candidates, read reviews, get quotes, and have all details noted in your contract.

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